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Price Increase 1st May 2022

Wed 27th Apr 2022

Price Increase 1st May 2022


Following the upheaval of Covid, and now floundering in the wake of the ugly conflict in Europe, the ripples of which are starting to affect all our lives in some way or other, it's hard to find a bright side to anything these days. It seems the only thing 'on the up' at the moment is prices; whether you really need it, or just want it, it's gone up! Maybe a nice long, warm summer will cheers us up a bit - here's hoping!

For most driving instructors (ADIs), their biggest cost is fuel. For a rural ADI like me, the costs are much higher than for an instructor in town. For example, I can't always plan lessons close together, this means I may have to drop a pupil off at college in Ipswich, and if my next lesson starts in Sudbury, I've got a 20 mile cross country dash! In a normal month, I'll clock up about 3,000 miles which is around £500 in fuel, at current prices.

Fuel now is 33% more expensive than the same time last year, but you'll be glad to hear that my prices are not going up that much. Though the increase is regrettable, it is very necessary.


Beginner pack (4 hours)*    just       £ 115

2 hour lesson                                   £ 77

3 hour lesson                                  £ 115

10 hour block**                               £ 350

12 hour block***                             £420


* For pupils with no driving experience. Comprises 2 x 2 hour lessons.

** hourly rate (£35) applies to any block payment of 10 hours or more.

*** 12 hours blocks are normally to accommodate 3 hour lessons (so 4 x 3hr)