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Driving on the edge

Tue 26th Jul 2016

For decades now, fatal crashes in Formula One have been reduced significantly. In the Japanese Grand Prix of 2014, Jules Bianchi suffered major head injuries and tragically died 9 months later. However, it is notable that since the death of Ayrton Senna in 1994, there had been no other fatalities. Just think - a 20 year gap with no deaths in such a seemingly risky sport. With improvements over the years to both circuits and cars, crashing a Formula One car has never been more survivable. In a recent crash, Fernando Alonso walked away from this twisted heap.
Alonso crash (Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)
So when a racing driver is pushing the limits of human and engineering performance, that is the ‘edge’ they are on. In striving for the best, when the worst does happen, crash barriers, gravel and tyres at the edges of the track mean the chances of hitting anything solid are much less. When they do, it’s scarcely believable that anyone could walk away from a wreck like this.
By way of contrast, it’s sobering to think of the thousands of wannabe racing drivers across the country who think their driving is fantastic. They ‘know’ how to handle their cars at the limit and are all too keen to show anyone stupid enough to be in the car with them. They’ve had their share of accidents, written-off a few cars, but hey - you’ve go to The problem is, that these ‘skills’ are being honed on public roads, risking the lives of innocent drivers and passengers. Not just strangers either; when your mate is showing off and loses it on a sharp right hand bend - who’s heading straight for that telegraph pole? That’s what happened in this crash.
(bbc scotland)
The passenger died at the scene - the driver was seriously injured. The overwhelming cause of death in the 17-25 age group is car accidents. This is the same for men and women. However, I guarantee that in most cases, it’s not the women doing the driving.
So, unless you’re on a racetrack, if you regularly drive on the edge - you will fall off. Keep on doing it, and one day that fall will be your last. Who are you going to take with you?